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To send free sms, add your service provider’s domain name to the end of the 10-digit mobile number of the person whom you want to send SMS.

For example, if the mobile number is: 123-456-7890 and the provider is AT&T, then sms can be send through email as:

Recipient’s address:

Type the message in the message ‘Subject’ or message ‘Body’.

Enjoy free messaging!!

Mobile Device Address:

Bell/President’s Choice/Solo: your 10-digit phone (

Fido: your 10-digit phone (

Koodo: your 10-digit phone (

Rogers: your 10-digit phone (

Telus: your 10-digit phone (

Virgin: your 10-digit phone (


“Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life”

Source: Rackspace

1. Download WineBottler from the following link :

This is an excellent youtube tutorial for installing WineBottler on Mac:

2. Install WineBottler on Mac.

3. Download Digsby from here:

4. Double-click on the downloaded digsby .exe and open it with WineBottler installed (select “Run directly in ….”) :

5. Follow the installation steps

Have fun!!

Source: Infographics

My Google Wave invitation mail has just arrived.

I have few invitations left.

Let me know if you need one.